multiplex 4mm


Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 11:00
Laser Cutter
Materials used: 

Basic idea was to create an instrument which triggers certain parts of a sample. PD cuts up every sample into 8 sections and maps these on the 8 keys of the instrument. A random factor is build in to play the sample for- and backwards.The keys are plain iron bolts, we used capacitive sensing to trigger the sampleparts.

The rotary encoder on the right side of the instrument runs through the different files in the folder. The slider pitchshifts the sample.

software used:


All sketches are included: (run Serialread.pd, keysampler1.pd and movie.pd - everything is connected together) (arduino code) (sample cutup - you have to download echonest and ask for an API key.
KeySamplerLaserCut.pdf (the box layout for cnc cutter)
Atrakp.rar (example file of a song that is cut)