SugarLab - Detecting-Sugar-Platform for self-managing diabetes

Creation Date: 
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 12:00 to Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 12:00
Laser Cutter
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Electronics and technology
First of all in our Arduino code (which you can find in the included files) we make connection with the internet (through our ethernet shield). For this you need the arduino ethernet library (usually included in Arduino).

(inside the code file there's also some markup to help you follow the code)
The most important technologic part of this project was the detection of objects. We used 3x QTR-1RC Reflectance Sensor that you can get at . Their optimal sensing distance is 0.125" (3mm) so when there is something right next to the sensor it will detect it. When you take it away it will (usually) send out a 0 value.

When you got this 0 and 1 value thing working you can choose what happens. We made it so that when there's something in front of all sensors it prints: "lots of sugar" and when only one of the sensors has something in front, it says: low sugar.

What we wanted next, was a way notify the user of this data. (Detecting is one thing, but if nobody knows...)
We used the Pushingbox API in Arduino (an amazing free tool to send stuff to your mail or notify your smartphone etc.) It's more difficult to explain than it actually is (EASY) so read: . The arduino example code is right there!

The boxes made with the FABLAB Laser Cutter

After all the code is up and running and your electronics are all soldered, you can start stuffing it somewhere.
We created two boxes (it could also be one):
- One for the detection part and as a place for the detected objects (sugar here)
- One to put in the Arduino and Ethernet shield (a box that you can just put close to your powersupply and ethernet)

To make these boxes we used (I think it was) 4mm white plexi (from Fablab) and the lasercutter. You can find the PDF's here too.

Enjoy, improve and tweak !