Team FabLab Genk

Danny Leen

Studied audiovisual Arts at the Media and Design Academy in Genk. During his internship at the Expertise Center for Digital Media he worked on the visualization of the mutable project. In his master thesis “haptic music creation” he did research on the absence of an active tactile information layer in digital music creation. Worked as a researcher/programmer of multitouch applications for z33 and the city of Genk. Currently running FabLab Genk, a open working place for experimentation with lasercutter, 3d printer and cnc milling machine.

Loves to work with Microcontrollers (Arduino, Gadgateer), Programming (Processing, C, C#, Actionscript, Java) , Electronics, Cnc Milling. If you have any questions about Fablab Genk you can mail me at:


Katrien Dreessen

Studied Communication Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). After her studies, she started working in the field of user research at the research group SMIT (Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication)-IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. As researcher of the research group Social Spaces, she is engaged in several research projects among which the set-up of FabLab Genk.


Tom Deweyer

Experience in, Virtual reality, device hardware , c++ / C# / visual basic, human computer interaction, forcefeedback.

Specialties, VR devices in vrpn, interaction with devices and world.


avatar niels hendriks

Niels Hendriks

Niels’ interest domains are user empowerment & agency, internet of things and e-Health. During the last years he has worked in research projects together with different industry players, cultural organisations & the social profit/health sector.

Currently he is working on the ATOM (A Touch of Memory) project which tries to create an intelligent network of objects and people for persons with dementia, their family & the caregivers. This project tries to use internet of things-technology to ameliorate the life of the PwD. Niels’s work will focus on the participatory design with persons with dementia, family & caregivers.

Linked to his work at the Social SPaces|CUO research group he is doing a Phd in the Arts dealing with participatory design together with persons with cognitive impairments.

You can follow Niels on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Kris Luyten

Prof. dr. Kris Luyten is an associate professor at Hasselt University. He received both a M.S. in Knowledge Engineering and Computer Science from the transnational University Limburg, a joint university of Hasselt University (BE) and Maastricht University (NL), in 2000. He has a Ph.D degree in computer science (2004) from Hasselt University & transnational University of Limburg (BE). His main research interests are situated in Context-Aware User Interfaces, User Interface Description Languages, Model-Based and User-Centered Interface Development, Multitouch Interaction, Mobile Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing and Social and Collaborative Software. He has been exploring how (complex) interactive systems can be build so the end-users are both well informed on the current status of the system as well as feel in total control ( ). Kris is also one of the founders of Fablab Genk and involved in the preparations that lead to the Fab Lab. More on his research and teaching can be found at .